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Jeannie M. Heroux, NP

Jeannie has taught Qigong for the last 10 years after completing Qigong Instructor and Advanced Qigong instructor certification through  Dr. Aihan Kuhn, CMD (New England School of Tai Chi and author of “Simple Chinese Medicine”), completing Qigong Instructor certification program and Advanced Qigong Instructor certification program with Dr. Kuhn. She has also studied with Grandmaster Yang, Jwing Ming at Yang Martial Arts Association. She is an annual presenter at the yearly Tai Chi Qigong Healing Institute (TQHI) Conference in Boston.

Jeannie draws the magic of the natural world into everyday ordinary and non-ordinary reality. It is only “natural” that the ancient Taoist shamans used Qigong as a means to connect to subtle energies. She currently teaches Qigong (please see “Course Schedule” for class location, dates and times) Jeannie studied Tui Na practice through Tom Tam in Chinatown, Boston. She is a member of the American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia (AOBTA.) Join us in building a “Stronger Spirit,” utilizing a holistic approach.

Aside from her involvement in eastern treatment modalities, Jeannie is a licensed, Board-certified Adult Medical Nurse Practitioner and Board-certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner at Cape Cod Hospital Emergency Department in Hyannis, MA. She holds a Master’s Degree in Science from the University of Missouri – Columbia and Post-Master’s from University of Massachusetts, Boston.

Jeannie has a Magical Ministry Passionate Purpose Coaching practice to help you align with your true purpose and heart’s desire in your work and in your life (See Red Dragon Page.)

She is also the organizer for Shaman Circle of Cape Cod and Spiritual Shaman Circle of Taunton, MA, leading Nature Spirit Walks and running Sweat Lodge with Wampanoag/Aquinnah Tribal Elder, White Feather, for the last few years (see Shaman Circle Cape Cod page.)